Fast Five (Fast & Furious 5) Theme Song (HD) + Download

320kbps High Quality! Download it here:

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25 thoughts on “Fast Five (Fast & Furious 5) Theme Song (HD) + Download

  1. ma i have a 2008 dodge charger srt8 but since ive seen the movie i want that new dodge
    i was burning rubber in the parking lot right after lol

  2. Just like when tokyo drift came out, after Lookin at this movie, I tried to drift and as usual FAILED.I just skid off the road like an ass

  3. @skateroosdaal lol nice, i like my supra, its a mk3, but i would love to have a old charger or chevelle, but with gas prices this high i can’t afford it

  4. @cryserjM1911

    hehe i stepped in my 65 mustang fastback and let all those people here how muscle sounds irl :)

  5. after the movie i got in my supra and showed all those ricers with civics and dodge neons what a real car can do and drifted around the parking lot and then took off down the street

  6. i got a 350z but i wished it had the speed liek the ones in this movie im going to Rio now jsut for the cars and fine ass girls

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