Fast & Furious 4: The Cars and Trucks

FAST & FURIOUS COVERAGE @ INSIDELINE.COM: Opens Friday, April 3!!! In the movie business, cars are expendable. They’re not respected, nowhere near cherished, subject to abuse and constantly thrashed. It doesn’t matter if the cars are Ferraris or Ford Crown Vics, the job of any vehicle in a movie is to tell the story effectively — even if it must be destroyed in order to do so. And in a movie like Fast & Furious (opening April 3) the cars do a lot of storytelling. We should know; we went behind the scenes. In October of 2007, Dennis McCarthy was hired as the picture car coordinator for Fast & Furious, and after leasing a 60000-square-foot shop in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley and hiring a staff of mechanics and fabricators, he got started building the 240 or so cars that would be needed for the production — to portray about a dozen on-screen cars tied to a character. After all, duplicates were needed of every car to ensure the production never had to slow down; to perform specific stunts; and to be wrecked in the most spectacular way possible. Using documentation from the production’s picture car department and in-person interviews with McCarthy and his hard-working team of fabricators, Inside Line has created the most comprehensive guide to this year’s hottest movie cars. Here it is: Inside Line’s guide to the cars and trucks of Fast & Furious.

25 thoughts on “Fast & Furious 4: The Cars and Trucks

  1. @Raven24000 Hahahahaha oh yeah them too, and the Dodge Neons. I totally agree it’s just so annoying seeing those cars. Seriously nothing, but a waste of money! Thanks I agree with you too. Hahaha I’m 14 too just for the record….

  2. @patwwe Don’t forget the little Toyota Prius boys too!
    I agree, with some teens (and some younger adults) do to make their little Civics or other 1990′s cars (even the 2000′s) or late try to look sporty and fast, but really, they are so tiny and a eye sore, I sometimes wonder if they know how pathetic they look in a messed-up little car, yeah, they try to make the engine run good, but seriously, those little cars have NO Speed, it’s a cheap knock-off. I agree with you. (And I’m 14, lol)

  3. It’s what Letty uses when she gets crashed into bythat guy, the one Dom calls “Bossman”, the baddy lol.

    I think anyway…

  4. I love all the movies, but sadly they motivate little Honda Civic racer boys to do the same stuff to their cars which just wind up becoming an eye sore. These cars are true art!

  5. @maddogmatt44 haha, that ain’t the manifold, just the air cleaner cover… the 454 cover fits on both engines

  6. this is some fuckd up shyt….ppl are tryn to buy these car and yall are distrusting them… wft thts why the prices are going up.. yall makin it hard on ppl to find those kinds of car

  7. @GCInFurious Cost. It would take an insane amount of money to re-machine a press to stamp all of the sheet metal on all of those cars. Otherwise, I’m sure they’d do that.

  8. @Jared1452 They usually do, they get a base model, or a shell, and put it together. But even then they break those clones making any shell or roller harder to find. The Dukes of Hazard are a reason those 69 chargers are so rare, they wrecked A LOT of them making the show.

  9. Fuck those grans otrino are FUCKING RARE! Now they are even more rare, our lust for entertainment is doestroying our classic cars, seriously why didn’t they just use clones as the stunt cars?

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